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Can You Use a Magnet to Cheat Video Poker Machines?

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Use of magnets to cheat video poker machines is a frequently raised question. Unfortunately, however, using them does not come easily and may result in being banned from several casinos if found out to be violating casino policies. Although there may be techniques which help increase winnings with such devices, this approach can result in banishment from those establishments where magnets are illegal.

Strategy cards are the ideal way to beat video poker machines, as they contain color-coded basic strategies which suggest optimal moves based on your current hand. You could also try utilizing computer programs which give an indication of optimal moves that would suit you best in a pinch – although these won’t always provide 100% accurate answers!

Many have attempted to cheat slot machines using magnets; however, this approach has long since proven ineffective as modern slot machines are not designed to be affected by magnetic fields. Furthermore, using a magnet in any way would violate casino policies and result in immediate suspension from gaming facilities.

There were older slot machines designed in such a way as to be vulnerable to magnets. These slot machines had magnetic fields surrounding their reels that when held close could affect electronics inside and cause random stops across them – however this technique didn’t last very long, being quickly discovered by slot engineers and designers.

Modern slot machines feature sensors that detect when coins have been deposited into their coin hopper, unlike old-school machines which had laser sensors to detect coin insertion; to circumvent this system, cheaters would place magnets against the coin tray to obscure this sensor from detection by holding one up against it; this method has proven very successful but no longer applies as most machines now use digital technology instead of traditional mechanical ones.

Piano wire was once used as a classic method of cheating slot machines in Las Vegas casinos during the 1980s; scammers employed long pieces of this wire to open slots before attaching it directly to the guts of machines, thus manipulating their movements and making large payouts. Unfortunately, however, most casinos banned this form of cheating after it had become detectable.

While it is no longer possible to use magnets to cheat slot machines, many still believe this to be a viable method. This belief may stem from myths surrounding how holding one against a machine might cause it to land on winning combinations more frequently.

Realistically, magnets only really affect slot machines by disorienting its electronics and causing it to stop where it should not – not altering results of spins or the amount you win!

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