Is YouTube Committing Suicide? Here’s why.

Youtube announced a policy change yesterday which will let them decide which video is advertiser friendly and which video is not. Henceforth, Youtube is demonetizing videos that are “non-advertiser friendly” and this includes “excessive foul language” and a whole slew of other arbitrary things. Channels like The Phillip Defranco Show and others who are quite mild have been having their videos demonetized already by the system. What this means is that they can label any video as non-friendly, giving them way too much power and letting every creative creator on their mercy to make money. You can read the entire policy here.

We have made a comprehensive list of channels that are getting affected.

OMGItsBirdman – Talking about Feminists – Given manual strikes by youtube

Phillip DeFranco – Talking about Annaliese Nielsen – Marked as “Not advertiser friendly.”

MrRepzion – Talking about SJWs

TheGamerFromMars – Talking about censorship on youtube – Marked as “Not advertiser friendly”


Headox – criticized protected companies -pinned

ETC News – Talking about controversial topics – demonetized

Rob Dyke – Talking about controversial topics – Marked as “Not advertiser friendly”

LukeIsSexy – Talking about depression – Marked as not advertiser friendly

InfoWars – talked about Annaliese Nielsen – youtube backed down after legal team was involved

Kursgesagt – Talking negatively about nuclear power – Marked as not advertiser friendly

Cowchop – Marked as not advertiser friendly





IWillPress – discussing controversial topics -demonetized

Melanie Murphy

Since this started just yesterday, we are sure, many more are going to get affected in the coming future. And how it will affect people who use it as their only source of income.


This isn’t something which is done for the first time by youtube. If you look at their history of censorship, they are almost akin to an evil empire of the future. The below youtube video–btw, which may also get hit soon–give a detailed history of this.



This has made the entire internet world go wild. People are already talking about substitutes. The #YouTubeIsOverParty is already the top most trend on Twitter. Some top tweets are

It’s almost as if YouTube hired someone from FOX to write their new policy changes. What do you think about this and do you know any youtube channel which got hit. Leave it in comments.