The Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced that as per its new policy it will allow Hijab. The RCMP now joins the police forces from other areas of Canada and other countries to accept hijab.

a measure to encourage diversity and inclusion in the force

“The Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recently approved this addition to the uniform to allow ‎female members of the Muslim faith to wear a hijab if they so choose,” the statement from the Office of the Minister of Public Safety, Scott Bardsley read “This is intended to better reflect the diversity in our communities and encourage more Muslim women to consider the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as a career option.” He further added that the RCMP will be allowing Muslim women “Mounties” to wear a hijab, in a bit of a humorous tone. As reported by CNN.

The Mounties faced a massive public backlash back in the 90’s when a Sikh Canadian drag the government to court for not letting him wear the traditional turban instead of the Mountie headgear. Since then, Canadians, in general, have been very acceptable and tolerant of others religious values and traditions.

Mounties Hijab

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It should be noted that the Toronto Police Service introduced Hijab options in 2011 and its neighbour Edmonton Police Services did so in 2013. Apart from Canada many European countries like Sweden, Norway, UK and the United States already have Hijab policies.

hijab canda police

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Apart from that just recently, Scotland announced that they will let their female officers wear Hijab which was followed by France uplifting its bikini ban.

This surely helps many Muslims living in the West. Many Muslim women in the west, especially in France, has faced many issues concerning Hijab. Before France removed its Ban at least a dozen towns had banned the body-covering burkini. We do hope that in the near future it gets easier for Muslim women and everyone across have the same basic right of freedom to wear what they want and practice their religion.