Urban gardens are a trend worldwide. Bringing life to an urban environment  is a need of an hour. Stress related diseases are in rise due to a sedentary lifestyle and industrialization. Sight of green and colorful nature definitely add the required fuel to the life fuel. Early morning breeze is the best source of both physical and spiritual wellbeing. For those living in high-rise apartments, a rooftop terrace garden is a seamless way to incorporate natural elements into a modern designed building.

It’s time to shift to a country living within our own dwelling. No space is too small for a miniature garden. Terrace gardens or balcony gardens can be an oasis of peace and tranquility. They are not only trendy but also very practical.  The new residential units are coming up with new ecological ideas, leaving space for a garden on the roof for the city dwellers. No space is too small for plants.

Terrace and Balcony Gardens

Inviting roof terrace….unbelievably beautiful


Terrace and Balcony Gardens

Feel the tranquil with bamboo decor


Terrace and Balcony Gardens

Breathtaking serenity


Terrace and Balcony Gardens

Stunning and distinct setting


Terrace and Balcony Gardens

There is no better place than this


Terrace and balcony gardens

No space is too small for plants

One of the most important ideas for garden design is to create a magical and cozy atmosphere. Get inspired for a dreamy open-air retreat with these ideas. Adore the nature with the below poetic lines:

Live your life amidst garden miniature

Shoots, buds, and the flowers together

Tranquil yourself in the lap of mother nature

Cool your eyes with greenery

Admire and praise the scenery

Ponder upon the God’s creation that’s praiseworthy

Humble yourself in sublimity

No more depression, no more anxiety

Once you live in the wood society

Blood pressure, stress, migraines make you gloomy

Cure is in the sight of green and bloomy

Wake up early to live a life full of spirituality

Nurture every moment with sanctity