Get a feel as if you are on the red carpet regularly? …. how?

Spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning? Not necessarily!! Sometimes it may result in futile comb-overs! The hair that you possess can define your personality only if you groom it properly and give it a style going with your face! Men with good hairstyle say a lot about their personality and social class. Wiki mentions that short hairstyle for men was a product of Neoclassical movement

Wiki says that short hairstyle for men was a product of Neoclassical movement which coincides with the age of enlightenment and start of the age of romanticism – all about self-glorification and emotions. We will cover some of the short haircuts for men little below.

Men style more than women

[blockquote author=”” link=”” target=”_blank”]The global information group, National Purchase Diary (NPD), have stated that male skincare has surpassed women’s, last year. And so has been the case with the hairdos.[/blockquote]
Getting the feel of red carpet by being a rambler (freestyle walker on countryside) does not make any sense. Good hairstyles take a touch more nuance than simply a spank on the hair gel. From the gym to the bathroom, male grooming products are part of the essential package of looking and feeling good.

So, get your bathroom cabinet stuffed and then get the haircut to match your new arsenal!

Now, how can you make your image genuine, exquisitely dazzling and breathtaking?

This article covers few of the most lovable short haircuts for men. Now, you got to figure out which one is your style and what matches your physique. We will try to help you with some pictures, but make sure you don’t try to sport a style that doesn’t match your face /body.

1. Taper cut

The most sought after hairstyle this year. Best suited for round-faced men. My personal favourite 🙂

2. Faded straight with short sides

Best for round shaped face with medium textured and density. Not everyone can pull this off.

Men's Short Hairstyles

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3. Fade up with short sides

Looks best for rugged face type and medium texture and density hair. Beard helps!

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4. sides rear with long top hair

Thick hair suits best for this hairstyle. Celebs usually pull this off pretty nicely.

5. Spike with short sides

For wider face types, this hairstyle balances the spikes to make it look long faced. This one’s still around.

6. Crew Cut:

Never gets old. For medium complexions with warm skin tones. Apply extra firm gel for best firm hold.

crew cut man

7. Modern Style

Best suited for long faced. Hair spiked just a little on top and sides trimmed, and classy men pull this one nice and easy.

8. Curly Hair

Naturally curly hair is a blessing, if given the right haircut and product. Chiseled faced men can show off this face in the sassiest way. Men with thick curly hair are best suited for this hairstyle.

9. Punk Hairstyle

Resist personality and sporting new styles against all norms, and still pulling it off with class