Sebastian Olzanski released his debut single last month, “Nobody but us” and is already the top song and bursting records. His #AskSeb was the top trending tweet across the world.

He is on the rise becoming one of the most influential social media stars in the industry. His first appearance was on popular app, YouNow, where he gained his first audience – he now has an audience of 200,000 active viewers.


Image: Sebastian Olzanski website

While doing these live shows, he also grew his other social media applications such as Twitter (251,445 followers) with over 15,000,000 visits monthly, Instagram (144,124 followers) with an average of 10,000 likes and 5,000 comment engagements, Vine (47,000,000 loops) and YouTube with over 2,500,000 views. He recently debuted his first single, “Looking For Love”, which gained him a lot of popularity and national attention, including an appearance on Radio Disney. The single is also played in H&M stores across the country.

The coolest thing is he is just 17 years old. Remember who released their debut album around the same age. Yes, you got it right. It was Justin Bieber when he came up with EP, My World at the age of 15.

Justin Bieber

Image: billboard

Who knows Sebastian can very well be our next Bieber or will we have an upcoming showdown between these two canadian stars. That’s one thing we at Zuleb will look forward to.

Sebastian is recognized as being one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Teens in Canada”, and has also been nominated for a Shorty Award – under the category of “Vine Musician” – competing against artists like Shawn Mendes.Most recently, Sebastian has performed for thousands at events such as DigiTour and Magcon, and did a live performance and interview on national morning show, Breakfast Television Sebastian is currently in the studio recording his first EP.

With all good things happening to Sebastian, we wish him nothing but best luck and hope he doesn’t have to close down his Instagram when he creates one 😉