Russians Hack NYT Reporters, FBI investigating.

It’s reported by CNN that hackers have carried out a series of cyber attack targeting reporters at New York Times and other news organizations in the US. It’s reported that these hackers are either of Russian origin or working for the Russian intelligence the SVR RF.

Though, FBI declined to comment on this. The spokeswoman for NYT, Eileen Murphy said, “Like most news organizations we are vigilant about guarding against attempts to hack into our systems,” she further added, “There are a variety of approaches we take up to and including working with outside investigators and law enforcement. We won’t comment on any specific attempt to gain unauthorized access to The Times.”

These intrusions have been occurring for the last few months and were detected by the FBI and other US security agencies. The investigators from all the agencies believe this to be a Russian attack. As per them, this is a part of a broader series of hacks which also includes the attacks on Democratic Party Organization.

It’s reported that the times has brought in private investigators who are working closely with the US national security officials to gauge the damage and figure how how they got hacked.

Since last month when Wikileaks released a series of voicemail from the Democratic National Committee attention has grown on the hacks. The Wikileak release happened in the weekend before the Democratic Party’s convention to nominate Hillary Clinton for president. Some US officials say that there is a strong evidence linking Russian Intelligence behind the DNC hack. The Clinton administration has already claimed that the hack is a proof that Russians are trying to aid Donald Trump to win the election.

It’s still too early to say anything conclusively but keep up to date with Zuleb to learn the latest development.