The Positives of Trump Campaign

Here at Zuleb, we try our level best to remain as bipartisan as possible. Our recent post was to highlight some not so intellectual things by Donald Trump, we thought it will be nice if we can summarize the positive sides of his campaign, or at least what he and his supporters deem to be positive. Without getting into any ad hominems made popular initially by Bernie Sanders and later by Hillary Clinton. Many Americans support him for his foreign policy, for his stand on social issues, for him not trying to be politically correct and some because of his high energy. It was not an easy thing to come up with this, mind you. And, it goes without saying, obviously, we don’t support everything.

1) Middle East Policy

Trump has been very open that he has never supported the war on Iraq, though some sources say other wise. He believes that US policy of nation building in Middle East is hurting US and Middle East both. Trump banks on the fact that his candidacy brings strength, toughness, and clear vision. Trump believes that political correctness is obnoxious.

Trump Middle East
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This can be said as the major reason why is able to flock so many American voters to support him. In American Culture which is more or less tilted towards liberalism, we see an environment where groups are being “suppressed” if it’s felt that they are not “politically correct”. One glaring example is the Black Lives Matter(BLM) moment. It’s seen as completely justifiable for someone to go into Trump rally meant for Trump Supporters and disrupt it with protest by shouting Black Lives Matter. Yet, on the other hand, if you will go to say a NAACP event and protested “White Lives Matter” you will be considered racist. This is seen by many American–who support Donald Trump–as a suppression of their free speech. It comes out as you either agree with the politically dominant view or you are a racist.

Trump Dubai
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This is the real reason why his speech on Radical Islam gained such high supporters. And while he keeps using the term even though many experts have pointed out that it is brimming with inconsistencies. Plus, it seems that his original policy of not supporting war is also taking a back seat when he recently suggested an increased military spending by 90 billion dollars a year. Not mentioning how he plans to raise that much of money.

2) Health Care

Trump believes that America’s current health care system is completely broken and should be eradicated completely. It should be noted that he is not calling for a System similar to Canada, which he called as Catastrophic. He has made a 7 point recommendation, available on his website, as to how he plans to achieve it.

Image: Trump Twitter
Image: Trump Twitter

He’s not calling for a single payer system, as some people understand but he wants to remove the state borders and any restrictions. This will allow people to purchase the best plan available regardless of their location. This will then decrease monopoly and improve competition and hence will drive the premium prices down. This will reduce the overall prices and allow people to purchase coverage that they need instead of needlessly paying for services they never use, which will be diametrically opposite of what Obamacare mandates. For those who can’t afford the minimum healthcare they will receive some form of coverage.

“Obamacare. We’re going to repel it, we’re going to replace it, get something great. Repeal it, replace it, get something great!” 

Some experts agree with Trump in denouncing Obamacare as costly, but do not agree that it’s being replaced by something “terrific” as Trump wants to think.

3) Jobs in America

Trump’s major focus has always been to get more jobs back in America. His economy plan suggests 11 percent increase in GDP. The revamping of the trade deals that currently result in 100 billion dollar deficits, the deportation of illegal immigrants who are presently under-cutting the job markets with illegal wages & lowering the corporate tax rate to incentivize investment in the U.S. will all bring back jobs for Americans.

4) Immigration

Trump proposes to restore the American immigration system by prioritizing the interests of Americans first. He wants to enforce the immigrant laws at borders more strictly and at the workplace. Even if this calls for building a border wall and ending sanctuary cities.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists,”

He wants to send any alien with a criminal record back to their home country at the same time welcoming those who embrace the american way of life and keeping out both immigrants and refugees who don’t.

Image: Trump Twitter
Image: Trump Twitter

Because of his campaign, there has been a surge in citizenship, which says a lot about the environment of fear which has been developed.

5) Education

This was the latest addition in Donald Trump’s policy changes recommendation. He said that he will immediately add a new federal investment of an additional 20 billion dollars without hinting on how this money will be raised.

“You give me the chance — I’ll get all your votes in four years, Everybody’s going to be voting for me, by the way: African-Americans,Hispanic-Americans, just everybody.”

This reflected a new push to broaden his appeal outside his traditional base of support. Here he echoed the common republic refrain about the importance of school choice, saying that students should be able to attend a magnet school, a charter school, or a public or a private school.

Image: Trump Twitter
Image: Trump Twitter

Some experts had called this a terrible idea as it will completely end the public school system. As the problem is not with the standard core curriculum but the way it’s being taught. The policy changes Trump suggested imply otherwise.