Invest Your Gold, No Thank you

A gold scheme launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, last year, which hoped to monetize immense wealth sees no ray of sunshine. While announcing the scheme in his budget speech last year, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had hoped that by depositing over 20,000 tons of gold stored in […]

3 Albums that changed my life!

With #3AlbumsThatChangedMyLife being the top trend, we decided to come up with the three albums which had the maximum impact on our society. Both at an individual level and at a mass level. 3) Master of Puppets by Metallica The Album which changed it all. With its eight songs made the entire […]

Now Ted Cruz Wants Trump to become the Next President

Now Ted Cruz Wants Trump to become the Next President

In a new twist in the upcoming election, it’s expected that Ted Cruz will be backing Donald Trump for President. Multiple sources have confirmed that the Texan senator is going to make an official announcement as early as today. “If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand,” one of […]

12 GB per second on your mobile plan?

12 GB per second on your mobile plan?

Yes, you heard that right. T-mobile US Inc., the third largest wireless network carrier is laying out plans for a faster 5th generation network. They have partnered with Ericsson AB and Nokia Oyj for equipment tests. From Bellevue, network officials have confirmed that it has reached data speeds of up […]

Google Competing with WhatsApp ?

Google is on a spree of launching messaging and social apps. It recently launched Duo. This time, its taking on WhatsApp messenger by releasing a similar app called “Allo”.  You can download for Android and iOS here. The new interesting features include: Allo Smart Replies Google identifies what the text […]

Whatsapp Update Problem: It takes control

Are you part of a group which involves all your relatives, your mother, your uncles, your aunts, your cousins which keep sending you “shocking news” or “you won’t believe it” which is neither shocking nor unbelievable. You probably are, and they are probably muted for a full on year. But […]

First Arab-American To Win An Emmy For Best Actor: Rami Malek

If you wanted to know who won lead actor Emmys 2016, it’s not Kevin Spacy nor Bob Odenkirk. It’s won by the Egyptian Arab descent Rami Malek became the first Arab-American to win an Emmy for the best actor in its 68 years history. Rami ousted Kevin Spacy as President […]

Five Reasons Why Batman Is One Of The Best Superheroes Of All Time

This week one of the most profound characters in DC Comics is to be celebrated; no other than the Dark Knight himself. The reason for ‘Batman Day’ is to celebrate his first appearance, in May 1939, within the Detectives Comic (issue 27) titled “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate”. Batman […]

Is YouTube Committing Suicide? Here’s why.

Youtube announced a policy change yesterday which will let them decide which video is advertiser friendly and which video is not. Henceforth, Youtube is demonetizing videos that are “non-advertiser friendly” and this includes “excessive foul language” and a whole slew of other arbitrary things. Channels like The Phillip Defranco Show and […]

Donald Trump in Mexico, remember what he said?

Trump is about to do a balancing act as he meets Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto. Many speculations are going as to what exactly will be in his immigration speech. Guardian’s Ben Jacob’s wrote At almost every rally, Trump pledges that he will “build a wall and make Mexico pay […]