Now Ted Cruz Wants Trump to become the Next President

Now Ted Cruz Wants Trump to become the Next President

In a new twist in the upcoming election, it’s expected that Ted Cruz will be backing Donald Trump for President. Multiple sources have confirmed that the Texan senator is going to make an official announcement as early as today.

“If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand,” one of the members from Cruz’s party spoke on the condition of anonymity. It should be noted that many of Cruz loyalist think that this endorsement is unacceptable. Formerly, Cruz was staunchly against Trump and his policies. Steve Deace, an Iowa Radio Talk show host, said, “I have five rules for political endorsements, and Cruz endorsing Trump violates every single one of them.”

“If he announces he endorses, it destroys his political brand”

Ted Cruz is in a very difficult situation currently. Trump is going head to head against Clinton in the poll numbers. This is why the GOP nominee’s backers are looking for every last ounce of support to make sure that there is enough energy and support. This means if Trump falls short by a narrow margin a large blame may fall on Cruz for failing to do more.

On the other hand, if Cruz does back Trump he risks losing his supporters for good and being accused of political opportunism. Most of his supporters have hailed his controversial speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC) where he had declined to endorse Trump.

Trump hasn’t helped much in his speeches. Formerly calling the senator “Lyin’ Ted” and questioning his legitimacy to run for president due to his Canadian Birthplace and lately speculating that Cruz’s father was responsible for the assassination of JFK.

Ted Cruz JFK                                                        Image: national enquirer

It will be interesting to see if Cruz will come out and actually back Trump or remain loyal to his belief and supporters.