Nearest Gas Station

Nearest Gas Station

Nearest Gas Station

Welcome! Looks like you’re looking for nearby gas stations. Few apps that can help you navigate to the nearest gas station are listed below

  1. Near Me: Google PlayStore link
  2. Find Near me for Android: Google PlayStore Link
  3. Find Near me for iPhone: AppStore Link
  4. Citymapper for iPhone: AppStore Link
  5. Here We go for iPhone: AppStore Link

If you would like to read more about the nearest gas stations and what the facilities are like in the US and Canada, keep reading.

Gas stations are filling stations that sell fuel, i.e., gasoline and /or diesel. In US and Canada, they’re called as gas stations, and in other countries like Australia, UK, New Zealand, Hong kong, Singapore, South Africa, they call it petrol pump or petrol bunk or sometimes petrol garage petrol stations.

There are over 8400 gas stations in the UKĀ as per latest figures released in 2013. The US has over 114,000 gas stations in 2012. While in Canada, there are about 12,000 filling stations. Japan has a decreasing number of 40K at the end of 2009. Germany has just over 14K. Inda has over 43,000 petrol pumps and Russian federation has got about 25k. The trend of decreasing gas stations all over the world (except China with 97K and increasing) may be attributed to the technology shifting towards more hybrid and electric only vehicles.

Compressed natural gas or commonly known as CNG and other alcohol fuel like ethanol are filled into vehicle’s gas tanks.

Generally, gas stations have fuel pumps, air pump, a mini-store, and sometimes a car wash. Fuel pumps fill either diesel or regular gas. Air pumps are used to fill the air, usually require quarters or dollar bills to fill. Most of the gas pumps are designed in a similar manner with the fuelling installation underground, pump machines in the forecourt and a small convenience store (mini-mart) in a small building.