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SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–mixi, inc., a social mobile service and mobile game developer based in

Tokyo, has brought its incredibly popular mobile game, Monster Strike,

to North American mobile devices, officially launching for both iOS and

Android today. With the North American release, mixi aims to introduce

this popular multiplayer game to a wider worldwide audience.

Gamers can download Monster Strike for free on the App Store and Google

Play.Monster Strike on the App Store:

and on Google Play:

Monster Strike was co-created by Yoshiki Okamoto, creator of classic

video games such as Street Fighter 2, Time Pilot and Final

Fight. To date, Monster Strike has been downloaded more than 14

million times.

“Since we released Monster Strike last year, it has become a huge

phenomenon in Japan,” said Yoshiki Okamoto, co-creator of Monster

Strike. “mixi is excited to bring North American gamers together for a

fun and social experience in the same way that coin-op arcades first

swept the gaming world.”

It is a unique game that combines action elements, role-playing game

leveling and crafting and monster collecting. “Pull and Fling” controls

send players’ monsters pinballing across the screen, striking each other

and enemy monsters, resulting in explosive combos and huge damage

depending on the combination of monster types. Players collect and raise

a stable of powerful monsters, which are then taken on battles that

culminate in encounters with powerful boss monsters.

Players simply tap, pull back and release to fling their monsters around

the game field, slamming into enemies, friends and walls. Slamming a

friend triggers helpful “Bump Combo” special moves such as explosions or

beams of energy. There are also obstacles scattered across the map,

forcing players to think strategically and aim carefully to take down

tough monsters.

Supporting up to four players in a quest, Monster Strike is designed as

a social experience with friends gathered together in the same space or

within a few miles of the game host. Local play utilizes a smart

device’s location-based features for game hosting. The game can also be

played cooperatively online with arranged sessions via Facebook


Monster Strike has been in the Top 3 of Japanese mobile charts since it

was released in September 2013, an incredible 13 months on both the App

Store and Google Play, frequently occupying the #1 spot. mixi, inc. will

support the game with regular updates, new content and new features

going forward.

Learn more about Monster Strike at

and connect with mixi, inc. on Facebook at

ABOUT mixi, inc.

Launched in Japan in Feb 2004, “mixi” is a social networking service

(SNS) that provides a venue for communication, creating “feel-good

connections” among good friends. mixi exceeded 14 million monthly active

users in September, 2012, and has expanded into a communication

infrastructure. Monster Strike is mixi’s first mobile game and is

enjoyed by more than 14 million people.