Justin Bieber returns to Instagram and Internet Breaks Down. #JustinReactivatedParty

Justin is back!!!!

My new little fluff ball Todd

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Yes baby you got that right. After a 2 week hiatus Justin Bieber is back on his Instagram. As you may recall the 22 year old singer completely deleted his account after people started commenting about his relationship with Sofia Richie. This was specially after both Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin dropped in to criticize the pop star and didn’t stop after his threat to privatize his page.

Though the I won’t apologize star did end up apologizing by posting a picture reading “What I said was selfish and pointless” it was not enough for Beiber as he didn’t reply to the post nor her private messages. As reported here by TMZ.

Obviously, in his Resurrected version Bieber unfollowed both of his exes Selly and Hailey and made sure he followed his new love Sofy. To serve it right in their face.

The fans on Internet didn’t flash an eyelid and started the celebration immediately of his return. With the #JustinReactivatedParty topping the worldwide trends.

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