Italy Earthquake: Before After

Image: theguardian

“Checking in from Rome. I was woken by the window blinds banging against the frame and the bed shaking; lasted around a minute. Me and my fiancee left the building (we live on the 6th floor), stood in the street for 45 minutes, decided to go back in to the apartment and were immediately hit by a big aftershock that lasted about 20 seconds.” narrates a resident of Rome who witnessed the earthquake first hand.

Amatrice, Amandola, Norcia, Arquata and some other smaller towns were the worst hit by the earthquake where as other towns like Ascoli Piceno are relatively better. The Mayor of Amatrice Sergio Pirozzi said, “The town is no more,” he further added, “I have an appeal to make: we have access roads to the town cut off and people under the rubble, help us.”

“The town is no more” – Mayor Sergio Pirozzi

It’s reported that at least 73 people are dead and many left homeless and the toll is counting. This happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning in Amatrice, a small town of about 2,000 people. The quake was so strong that its effect was experienced up till Bologna to the north and Naples to the south covering a radius of 220km from the actual epicenter.

Giancarlo, a victim resident of Amatrice said, “It’s all young people here, it’s holiday season, the town festival was to have been held the day after tomorrow so lots of people came for that, It’s terrible, I’m 65-years-old and I have never experienced anything like this, small tremors, yes, but nothing this big. This is a catastrophe.” The following is the first picture reported by skyAlert of the earthquake.

Italy Earth quake

Image: skyalert

This isn’t the first earth quake to hit central Italy. In 2009 a 6.9 earthquake occurred in the region of Abruzzo killing 308 people which made it the deadliest earthquake to hit italy since 1980 Irpinia earthquake.

Italy earthquake

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In this image one can see the town in rubble beneath a 13th century clock tower the only thing standing. The time is stopped at the exact interval when the earth quake was hit, making it a deadly and horrific reminder.

Clock Tower Italy Earth quake

Image: cnn

It’s a shame to see the beautiful city of Amatrice disappear. We have compiled few pictures of before and after to understand the damage of this beautiful city.

The Amatrice’s main street suffered massive damage

Bell Tower Earth quake before after

Image: theguardian

The Strada pass way in Arquata del Tronto which is located 15 miles north of Amatrice is almost destroyed.

before after Italy earthquake

Image: theguardian

A destroyed downtown in Amatrice in the province of Lazio

Before After Italy

Image: theguardian

The Rescue workers are facing a hard time, a BBC journalist reported saying, “Rescue workers can hear a baby crying but they can’t reach it.” This can help us imagine the problems being faced by the first callers. It’s already over twelve hours and the rescue workers are continuing with their work. One rescue worked said, ” We will work through the night and tomorrow – we don’t know how many people are still missing.”

We appreciate all the help from the Rescue workers and we will update you as we learn of any latest development. Remember Italy in your prayers.