You’ve seen other people’s stories.. here’s mine.

I’ve been to Makkah (The holiest place) so many times and I still run out of words to describe its beauty. To be honest, I’ve always felt the most peaceful when I’m at Makkah.. you connect with your lord so prominently. I couldn’t stop but notice how beautifully people praise Him (Allah). I’ve seen people’s first visits.. their tears out of happiness.. the feeling of being so blessed to get a chance to be there.. people of different colors, different races, people with such dissimilarities… all bow down to ONE LORD – The King of Kings.

Never have I ever seen or met any such person walk out of that place with discomfort or unwell thoughts. So many people who couldn’t make it to Makkah yet desperately wants to get one sight of The Kaaba. The place where I’ve felt like there’s nothing that can get to me. The place where all your problems suddenly seem to come to an end. The place where you feel like you have nothing else to do, but just admire Allah (s.w.t) and his creation.

The place where all your sins are washed away and emerge like one pure gem. The place where you can speak your heart out, in middle of so many others and you still have Him listening. One sujood and your heart clenches out of contentment. Be it sunny, be it windy.. be it rainy or be it cold., You will always find that same enthusiasm in people. The respect in their eyes.. the beauty in their praises with such esteem. I find it blissful to see people perform their Umrah with such passion. You will always find the purest of all souls, in that purest of all places (Makkah).

“God has made the Kaba, the Sacred House, an asylum of security, Hajj, and ‘Umrah (pilgrimage) for mankind…” (Quran 5:97)

But in fact, this whole article feels like a conspiracy to overshadow the holy city and its blessed experience.
Let’s start with ..where is Sabica khan now? According to every article shared on the internet, she posted about this horrific experience on Facebook, but we cannot seem to find any link directly to that post or Sabica herself. Okay, maybe she got overwhelmed with the response and deleted/hid the post, but what about her account? Why can’t we find that? What made her disappear so suddenly?

For the next question,

When Sabica grabbed her harasser’s hand, why did she yank it? Why didn’t she grab it even tighter and turned around screaming/yelling for her mahram (which by the way, in Islam, Women are not allowed to perform the Hajj without their mahram, which makes it impossible for her to have been there alone). Although she could have fought back and since the place is so crowded almost all times.. the harasser wouldn’t have dared to hurt her in any possible way or even try to run. The people around would’ve come to her rescue and would’ve dealt with the subject/harasser in a more justifying way.

Okay, let’s assume she was afraid.
All these articles also provide us with comments from people who are sharing their very similar experiences. Not one comment – I repeat NOT ONE shared experience/incident you can find where they say “I fought back,” “I tried calling for help,” “I tried taking a stand for myself right there.”

So, my question remains, In such a crowded place, where all the apparent victims could’ve dealt with their harasser chose not to. Why? Because it was too crowded and they couldn’t see who the harasser was? or.. because they were too scared?.. or because they thought no one would believe them? I mean, when you can sit behind a screen and cry about it.., why didn’t even a single one of them tried to voice out their struggle at the time?

Because all of this is just a pathetic way of Islamophobes to target Islam and Muslims.. they’re just trying to convince you all that Hajj is not safe .. and to raise fear among the people. WITHOUT any evidence to support their accusations. And it’s profoundly shameful that a lot of you believe everything on the internet so quick that most of you don’t even think or understand what’s being spoken.. and start spreading it already.

So this our call to all the people, especially the ones who have been to the holy place, to tell the world how this is merely a joke and conspiracy at the least.

Don’t get me wrong – This article is only for Sabica Khan incident and its supporters… we have no intention of hurting anybody’s sentiments who have faced any kind of harassment.