Google is on a spree of launching messaging and social apps. It recently launched Duo.

This time, its taking on WhatsApp messenger by releasing a similar app called “Allo”.  You can download for Android and iOS here.

The new interesting features include:

Allo Smart Replies

Google identifies what the text is about and gets you information what you’re looking for – before you even ask for it.

google-alloGoogle Allo Assitant

Ask Google whatever you want, without even leaving the chat window. Just do a @google call and it’ll answer what you want. Wanna check movie times? nearby restaurants? flights? you got it.


You can also ask Google assistant to send you latest updates on various categories, be it news, weather, sports, traffic.. you name it.

It’s rolling out slowly, but if it’s not available for your device, hang tight and you’ll be able to enjoy this app.. just like I do! 🙂

Let us know what you think about this app below?