Boys Hair Cuts

Going to the barber shop to get a haircut was something that needed a reminder for boys. Not now, these shops now have morphed into salons catering to the growing need of grooming for boys and men. Hairstyles and hairstylists are becoming more and more uninhibited these days and its very good news for everyone. The common notion is that there isn’t much to offer when we talk about boys hairstyles but wait a minute that’s changing rapidly with a myriad of new hairdos coming in, with just about every type of hairdo being seen these days. Teenage is the best time to experiment for boys. Motivation to look into hairdos among boys includes peer pressure and yeah you couldn’t miss out on music stars and teenage celebs that are major influences to motivate boys to sport good hairstyles.

Earlier there wasn’t much variety in hairstyles for boys as the majority of haircuts seen in boys were the short traditional ones but now that has changed with a wide variety of hairstyles being sported by many. The buzz, fade and Mohawks are the ‘in things’ right now. It’s time to play with your hair and don’t you dare say it’s girly because it’s not. Nowadays even boys have the right to play/experiment with their hair. Let’s look at a few hairstyles.

Buzz cut: The buzz cut allows you to be carefree and at the same time makes you look cool. It’s a low maintenance hairstyle and you don’t need to worry about grooming your hair every time you go out. It sits there comfortably and there is much variety to it.

Buzz Cut

Source: Buzzcut

There are other styles which fall into this parent category namely the crew cut, butch, flattop, Ivy League and many more.

This picture below is a typical flat top haircut with the top part being flat and hence the name.


Fade cut: This hairstyle is one of the popular boys hair cuts these days and are quite easy to sport although you need to choose the one that suits you best as there are varieties. There is the ‘Caesar fade’ which is short on the sides and back with an increased density on top or the Princeton and fauxhawk cuts which have varying degrees of hair on the side and top.  As we move ahead with the fade and buzz cuts there are the undercuts which have become very popular with very pronounced pompadours on top and almost shaved sides. The pompadour on top can be parted either ways.

Fade cut

Source: Fade Cut

Mohawks: Mohawks have been there for while and they always seem to make a comeback in one way or another. Mohawks are high maintenance hair cuts for boys and can be worn in many ways. Some keep it short, spiked while others wear it long and some even color the Mohawk to give it a funky look and its best justified on teenagers and boys. The hair in a Mohawk can be long and spiked to give it a more shocking look.


Source: mohawks

Choose your hairstyle wisely as it stays with you for a while!