With #3AlbumsThatChangedMyLife being the top trend, we decided to come up with the three albums which had the maximum impact on our society. Both at an individual level and at a mass level.

3) Master of Puppets by Metallica

The Album which changed it all. With its eight songs made the entire 80’s roll into Metal.

Master of Puppets

Image: Metallica

This Album became the defining release of the metal generation. Many people who are into Metal is because of this album and for some it’s the only reason why they are into music. If you have never heard this, listen to the entire album right here. If it doesn’t change your life, it will definitely be part of your workout playlist 😉


2) OK Computer by Radiohead

Radiohead is what made alternative rock what is alternative rock today. The credit goes to their 12 songs album ‘OK Computer’.

OK computer

Image: Radiohead

This was also the first self-produced Radiohead album. It took three years in the making to be released. The Album is unique because of its abstract lyrics, densely layered sound and a wide range of influences which started a trend that became part of the 21st century. The Album was supposed to be inspired by the political writings of Noam Chomsky. The most popular song of the album is  Paranoid Android; you can listen to it here.


1) The College Dropout by Kanye West

This debut album of Kanye West recorded between 1999 and 2003 and released in 2004 is rated as the most popular album of the 21st century.

College dropout

Image: Kanye West

It sold 441,000 copies in its first-week release and was a massive commercial success. It earned West a Grammy award for the best Rap Album. It should be noted that before this West was written off and was not accepted as a Rapper and heavily discouraged to not pursue his solo career. Without a doubt, this album changed it all for West. If you are one of the rare few who never heard this before, then we are so jealous of you! You are about to enjoy a moment which you will probably never experience before. So hold back! Put your headphones on, and enjoy!